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Why Do You Need A Professional Organizer?

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If you clicked on this post you are probably thinking “Yeah, why would I want to hire a professional organizer?” or “What do they do?” Both are great questions. I hope that I can clear some of that up for you and even better, I would love for you to decide that is something you need in your life.

To get started I want to let you know that this is a judgement free zone. I can definitely identify with people whose lives are chaotic and busy resulting in a less than organized space. I could also fall in the category of just plum laziness if we’re being really honest here. When push comes to shove (people coming over and I don’t want them to see my piles of laundry sitting on my bedroom floor that are clean but haven’t been folded or put away) I do the mad dash around my apartment and start shoving things in closets, under the bed, in random drawers etc…. Later I pay for that laziness too. I can’t find anything, I waste so much time looking for the other shoe, my car keys, phone charger and list could go on.

What if I could tell you there was a way to put an end to this? No more moms running the amazing race to find all the things needed to get her kids out the door and off to school. What about going into your closet and knowing where everything is and exactly what you have rather than a closet full of clothes you don’t wear taking up space when in all reality you need to tell yourself to let it go because later will never come if you haven’t worn it by now. Or even better, walking into that closet you see on TV where the lights automatically turn on and you have an easy close drawer just for your collection of sunglasses!

To answer your question of what a professional organizer does is sort of a long list but I will simplify it for you. Declutter and organize. Often times shopping is involved to really take the organization to the next level. It’s amazing what a simple item can do by just grouping alike things together and just like that you can have a great, organized and fully functional space. Everything has a home so when you need to put it back you know exactly where it goes.

This is really only the tip of the iceberg as far as services go. There are limitless opportunities to use a professional organizer.

· Garages

· Home Offices

· Command Center

· Filing Cases

· Kids Toys

· Closets

· Kitchens

· Laundry Rooms

· Pantries

And the list could go on!

Believe me when I say you won’t regret hiring a professional organizer because after you see the finished results, you can feel a weight being lifted. Knowing you have clutter or a mess somewhere in your home really has an impact on our mental health and sometimes we don’t even realize it. I hope that I could help answer some questions for you and if you have more questions go ahead and leave a comment below or shoot me an email. I would be happy to answer.

Have a blessed day!

Michaela C.


"I'm so pleased with the end results. Michaela really did such a great job and made our closet so much more enjoyable and we try a lot harder to keep it the way she left it. -Willie Knowles



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