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What I'm Loving this month! (July 2019)

Hello friends,

I don't know about you but I love reading about ladies favorites of the month. What they are loving and really enjoying or something new they found and have to share. I love finding about new stuff to check out and get suggestions of things to try. Well here are mine for the month of July!

1. Sweet But Psycho I am loving this song right now! Perfect for rolling down the windows and open the sunroof and just let loose!

2. The Home Edit Book Looking for some inspiration for your home? This book covers it all! The pictures are absolutely lust-worthy! Proceed with caution, may cause unavoidable desire to recreate and organize every nook and cranny of your home.

P.S. If you want these pictures to become your reality but don't know how or where to begin? Well you are in the right place. I just happen to be a professional organizer and can make that happen. Lucky you! :)

3. Weekly Simplified Planner Many of you have a planner that is gonna end in July and are looking for a new planner to get ready for the school year, busy schedules, or just life. If your a #planneraddict like me, you are constantly looking for the perfect planner, well i have a great suggestion: Simplified Planners! I could do an entire post on #Simplifiedplanners. If anyone is interested let me know. Link provided is the exact one I have but they have so many to choose from so don't be afraid to explore the site and find your new #love.

4. Bathroom Vanity Organizer This countertop/under the sink organizer is so awesome for organizing your hair products, styling tools, and other bathroom routine items. It has a magnetic strip for your hair clips which is amazing because I am always losing them. #lazygirlhack. I would definitely consider this if you use styling tools daily and they just lay on your counter and create clutter.

5. 808 Hex Bluetooth Speaker This bluetooth speaker I have had a long time and it still works great. I take this with me on the boat, camping, my office, getting ready in the morning, or cleaning around the apartment. The sound quality is pretty good for the price and has a good battery life. Very easy to pair as well

Hopefully you found something you like and found it helpful.

I would love to read your comments or questions.

If you have a favorite item you would to share with me, please do! I love finding new stuff and basically just shopping in general. LOL.

Hope y'all have an amazing day.

Love, Michaela C.

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