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Hi y’all, I am Michaela Christensen, Founder and owner of Life Decluttered.

I have always had such a desire for organization and no clutter when it comes to my environment. I notice that it helps relieve stress that I didn’t even know I was feeling. For my own personal sanity, organization is a must in my home life because it seems we are always on the go or something unexpected is happening which who can’t relate to? Just a part of life, but I have found a way to cope and make time to focus on things that are so much more important than a stack of papers, pile of laundry or the quick shuffle through the house looking for car keys. Through my life experiences I have learned my time here is so precious and I have been called to look beyond myself and serve others through my passion. Some might find it a funny passion but that’s okay.

If I can help the busy mom bustling around the house in the morning trying to get all the kiddos ready and out the door by making a central command station with everything easily accessible or help the work from home business professional design a custom office so they can work stress-free. They know where to file papers, find specific office supplies and work in an office they are excited about.  That truly brings me joy and a welcomed challenge to use the space work as efficiently as possible whether it be a closet, home office, or even your kitchen. 

Know that when you hire me you will be in a non-judgmental relationship because I know that showing your hidden clutter can be a bit embarrassing. No worries because I am only interested in helping you get to a more relaxed state of mind. 

A little more about myself because I want my clients to feel like I’m am a personal friend, I am married to a wonderful guy who is following his passion to serve. He is truly my best friend and I couldn’t have found a better partner for life. We don’t have any kids yet but we do have a little fur baby named Roxy who is a red toy poodle. She is every bit a princess and she even has her own Instagram which is a little extra but so is she LOL. You can follow her princess lifestyle @Princess_poodle12. We are true believers in family and our relationship with the Lord. Without him we wouldn’t be so blessed and blessed is what we are. We want to give back and bless others with the gifts and passions that God has placed in our hearts. 

So please let me help bless you in a way that I know can be a struggle for many people. I will do everything in my power to give you the gift of one less stressor in your life. Hope to meet you in person soon! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns. Contact Info is listed below. 

Have a blessed day! 

Michaela C.


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